Notice Edit

Experimental units of the CDO faction, as they are classified all as high-tech units due to their continued battlefield testing, can only be built by High-Tech Engineers, fully upgraded ACUs and ACEs.

Thunder Child - Experimental Battleship Edit

A floating fortress, the Thunder Child is a fleet killer. Armed with Rotoric Torpedoes, long ranged Erythro Cannons, a shorter range Maiman Laser, and banks of anti-air, destroying it is incredibly difficult.

The Brit - Mobile Experimental Artillery Edit

A mobile artillery unit capable of taking out high value targets at range with its incredibly damaging Nuclear Artillery Cannon. It has surprising mobility for its bulk.

Polaris - Experimental Gunship Edit

A fast moving, lightly armoured gunship, the Polaris excels at the role of close air support. Its heavily damaging M61A9 Vulcan Gun and Thermobaric Howitzer can take down the largest of armies in a short time.

Demigod - Experimental Combat Tank Edit

A small but powerful tank, the Demigod is extremely cheap for its class, and performs best with a good T3 escort.

Links Edit

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