Armoured Command Unit Edit

Right Central Housing Edit

  • T2 Engineering Suite (increases build speed to 30, increases hp by 4000)
  • T3 Engineering Suite (requires T2 Engineering Suite, increases build speed to 90, increases hp by 4000)
  • Gatling Cannon Upgrade (main gun becoming 4 barrel gatling increases rate of fire to 2, increases range)

Left Central Housing Edit

  • Overcharge Upgrade (removes Overcharge, makes main gun do 3000 damage per shot, 1500 energy required for each shot)
  • Advanced Storage System (doubles the mass and triples the energy storage, ACU death does much more damage, affordable at T2)
  • Resource Allocation System (requires Advanced Storage System, makes ACU produce +19, +3000)

Back Edit

  • Inertial Dampening System (allows ACU to travel significantly faster)
  • Teleporter Upgrade (requires Inertial Dampening System, allows ACU to teleport)
  • Radar Stealth Upgrade (causes ACU not to appear on radar)
  • Artillery Upgrade (adds a T2 artillery gun to ACU’s back, has to turn back to target to fire, cannot fire while moving)
  • Heavy Artillery Upgrade (requires Artillery Upgrade, gun becomes longer, becomes medium artillery)

Armoured Command Engineer Edit

Chassis Edit

  • Wheel Upgrade (allows ACE to travel significantly faster)
  • Armour Stability Upgrade (causes significant increase in ACE’s hp)
  • Shield Field Generator (requires Armour Stability Upgrade, creates a moderately strong shield field around ACE)

Proto-Crafting Turret Edit

  • Advanced Engineering Suite (increases build rate of ACE to 90)
  • Propellant (needs better name) Upgrade (increases range of main weapon)

Weapon Turret Edit

  • Advanced Cooling Upgrade (increases rate of fire to 2, increases range)
  • Heavy Gatling Upgrade (requires advanced cooling upgrade, changes main gun to four barrelled Gatling gun with ROF of 4)
  • Resource Allocation Suite (increases resource production of ACE)

Links Edit

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