• How to become a real gamer, part1

This is the first installment of the How To Become A Real Gamer step by step guide. Written by THEBRIT, OutsidR, Polarstar, ReaveR with contributions from gonzalogonads and lukeninja

1.Rearrange your priorities as follows:

  1. 1 - Gaming
  2. 2 - Eating (snacks only)
  3. 3 - Sleeping
  4. 4 - On second thought, scratch #3. You still need to get past the next level.

2. Dont prey on the beginners (Noobs) you'll only sink to their level, challenge yourself or die trying.

3. Learn when to use what weapon and how to use it right.........or get the biggest powerful gun.

4. When someone smack talks you, stay quiet and kill them (their character ) in the most undignifying way possible.

5.Forget about the difference between fantasy and reality. (Who needs reality anyways)

6. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you...only do it FIRST!..

7. Dont kill the weakest guy with the strongest gun. Kill the strongest guy with the weakest fact, forget the gun and use your bare hands!

8.Dont act, react. Don’t rush right into every situation play it smart. Adjust to your opponent’s strategy, turn their strengths into weaknesses.

9. Winning isn't tied with a bow, but it is still a gift!

10.What is your aim? One word: Victory—victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, all odds, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory there is only defeat.

11) To become a real gamer, you must forego family and friends, as you will gain a new family and new friends from the game

12) To be a real gamer you have to realize that its only a game and nothing (and then realise that the fact that it is only a game does not reduce its importance)

13) Take every opportunity, even if its not yours

14.a) Dont make mistakes

14.b [upon failure of 14.a] Learn from your mistakes

15) Rules cant be broke, but they sure are bendy!

16) Learn to trust yourself, because its rare to find anyone who can be trusted.

17) Gamers who study their game, I mean really scrutinise it, are the ones who find all the little cool things the game has like Ghetto Gunships and com napping. They also become pros in half the time that noobs that manually find out all the little things take. ^ That is what you want to be like.

18) But, by the time you get the will again be a n00b because by then something else will come along..

19) Dont just complete the games minimum amount. Go for 100%, keep an eye out for secrets + 'easter eggs'

20) To be a actual good real gamer - Reavers mini guide

- learn 1337 speak - learn all short hand talk (wtf, bbq, omfg, lol) - play fast paced games if you want to be quiker - play at highest turning sensitivity (some one turning a full 180 at medium turn rates gonna die when some does the same, but with the turn rate at its highest) - learn to not use 'tunnel vision' in FPS games - stay alert - know the levels - learn good side effects of the weapons, levels, and physics (rocket jumping, skiing, clipping) - playing smart is best - try to ALWAYS find new strategies to win, using the same one over and over will eventually fail, and you can become unpredictable - learn to lead shots (in FPS games) or to do various other basic strategies (ambush) - trying new strategies > playing ALL THE TIME - L2 (<-- gamer language meaning learn to...) L2 manage time - use strategies from other games if possible - find people (in real life) or in-game, that you can trust (team games are best) and work together

21) Practice makes perfect....

22) Freinds are unreliable, and can betray you, you shall have no freinds, and you shall learn to have company from yourself.

23) note that 22 is false at some points, team games need TEAMS!

24) Good teams make teams work

25) 23 is only applied to those who cannot stand up for themselves, and like to be supported by others.

26) dont listen to gonzalogonads (23), he doesnt know how to play video games, sad really, he thinks he does... you see: In team games you need a TEAM

27) learn the basics first 28) never stop moving, unless you have a sniper rifle

29) know your limits, then break them.

30)Communicate with your team.

31) WIN

32) do 31 again, then do 33

33) Krush, kill, destroy, annahilate!

34) Remember..all is fair in love AND war..

35)Show mercy but never accept it

36) Over prepare and then go with the flow....

37) Every defeat is your fault, nobody elses.

38) Dont like the game...get creating.

39) Most of all, win or lose, remember, it's only a game!

40) A gamer doesnt have to spend all their time gaming...They just choose to.

41) Watch yer back..............and yer left and also your well as the front. AI's are sneaky...

42) Pick an easy+ AI until you get good at the game..(what ever game you play)..

43) Develop your own tactics for a win.

44) Dont cheat.....or at least dont get caught.

45) If you do cheat and get caught, deny it!

46) know your foe

47) Don't get mad........get even

48) A game is like a box of chocolates..never know what kind your gonna get.

49) Go down fighting.

50) If you lose too often, just give up...

51) Everything lies, place your trust carefully.

52) If in doubt, get an ally to try it first!

53) Watch a lot of replays and learn!

54) AIs are just for training, and do not consider yourself a good player if you only have experience with AIs. Humans are a thousand times better.

55) Choose your allies carefully. If in a game you find you have a bad ally and you are versing two good players, you will most likely lose

56) Knowing what the enemy is doing and not having them know what you are doing is key.

57) The process of education is never finished. The more you learn, the more you find you need to learn. If you find that there is nothing else for you to learn about something, you have clearly failed.

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