The Following characters play a large role in the campaign:

CDO Edit

General Taufeeq Al-KhabirEdit

The next Supreme Commander of the CDO, he is only 19 years of age, but is already a war veteran, having commanded CDO armies since he was 16. The 2 X great-grandson of the first Supreme Commander Hassan Al-Khabir, he used a combination of his own name and his abilities to climb the ladders of the CDO. His hatred of the Martian Guardians is personal, having lost the two younger generations in the Martian North American invasion of 2164.

Hassan Al-KhabirEdit

This former Supreme Commander has stubbornly refused to die, and though he is retired, he is still a strong influence through his great-grandson. Being the last relative his great-grandson has left, the bond between them is strong. This man, after assuming power over the then military only CDO in 2034, caused the CDO to become also the supreme government of Earth in 2063. After he ceded power in 2070, he became an endless critic for the next six civilian Supreme Commanders, all the while pulling strings so that a relative of his may take power. His dream is almost complete.

Supreme Commander Gregor PeltronskyEdit

The sixth in a line of civilian Supreme Commanders, he deeply distrusts the power given to the military, and hardly believes himself that Martians have invaded. He has a deep suspicion of what he calls the Al-Khabir Dynasty, both grandfather and grandson, and has vowed to never hand over power to the younger Al-Khabir while he lives, despite the advice of most of his cabinet and ministry. He is however getting on the years and showing signs of senility and dementia. The Al-Khabirs rejoice that he will not be in power much longer.

Fleet Admiral Hadrian SamainEdit

This man personally leads the space fleet of the CDO, and is mostly occupied in a defensive role, being generally unable to go too close to the Earth due to the possibility of strategic missiles being launched at his fleet, but unable to venture too far for fear that another Martian ship might slip by their defences and drop yet another Martian Commander. In his last thirteen years, he has not let this happen. He has not felt the touch of gravity in his whole life, as he has lived away from both Earth and Moon lest he be shot down by strategic missiles.

Martian GuardiansEdit

Bussard Ramjet (The Transporter)Edit

The original spaceship’s computers have been expanded greatly in processing power, and the Transporter advises Martian Commanders and leaders on military and civilian aspects. His processing core is directly linked to the quantum communication node on Mars that links up the Martian Guardian chain of command. He is deeply emotional for a computer, and has an unrequited love for the Martian Guardians, and will serve them even unto his death.

Supreme Leader MalaisharEdit

Undisputed dictator and military leader of the Martian Guardians, this man was once a commander leading forces on Earth itself. He himself ordered and led the initial invasion of 2030. He does not know defeat, and was one of the first Martians to have learned English.

Hal JohnstonEdit

Once a prominent General, Johnston was captured by Guardians in 2174 and provided them with much information that has allowed them to take the advantage. It is because of him that the CDO is near its fall.

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