Notice Edit

Two of the experimental units of this faction, the Deralasa Experimental Tripod and Deurthana Experimental Gunship, being classified as Strength Experimentals, can be built by Strong Engineers but not Able Engineers. The other two experimental units, the Hinorasa Experimental Tripod and Farotisa Teleporter Gate, being classified as Able Experimentals, can be built by Able Engineers but not Strong Engineers. However, an Armoured Command Engineer or Armoured Command Unit with the Tech 3 Engineering Suite can build all four.

Deralasa - Experimental Tripod Edit

An extremely potent weapon if used correctly, the Deralasa can shrug off damage with its huge amounts of armour. It can take out entire armies at range with its extremely long ranged Shravis Beam Cannon.

Deurthana - Experimental Gunship Edit

With potent air to air and air to surface weapons, as well as excellent armour, this unit can take out air forces and land forces with ease. It is a force to be reckoned with.

Hinorasa - Experimental Tripod Edit

Not posseessing as potent a Shravis Beam Cannon or nearly as much armour as its counterparts, the Hinorasa mainly capitalises on its extra speed to deploy a cannister of Black Smoke.

Farotisa - Teleporter Gate Edit

An extremely expensive but useful way to send units of all technology tiers across the battlefield.

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