Inspiration Edit

Team Leader THEBRIT came to us one day with an idea, an idea that changed our lives forever...

A fascination of the excellent HG Wells novel The War of the Worlds led to his idea of a SupCom mod, with a Martian faction utilising all sorts of high-tech alien weapons, and against them a Mankind faction who learnt from the Martian technology to produce Armoured Command Units of their own.

Features Edit

Featuring 256 new units for the two playable factions, the War of the Worlds mod also brings in a new upgrade system, which one can use to either mold one's armies to one's liking, or to bring in endless variety. Your opponent won't know what you will attack with once you become a master of either faction.

We also plan to bring in a campaign consisting of 5 separate scenarios. Playing as the CDO, you have been provided with the very first Armoured Command Unit, and must fight back Martian resistance all the way from the Earth, to the Moon, and eventually to Mars.

Which faction will you choose? Save human civilisation, or save Guardiankind?

The choice is yours.

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